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Automation Spy

Automation Spy is a spy utility tool designed to inspect Microsoft UI Automation hierarchy of elements.
This tool is freeware.  Requirements: Windows Vista or later, .NET Framework 4.0 or later.

This tool has simple intuitive features and buttons that can be used to work with it. Can be used to navigate through MS UI Automation hierarchy of objects and inspect for attributes of each object . You can directly navigate to an element using mouse pointer. You can also monitor UI Automation events that are raised for a specific element. Why Automation Spy? Because we want to make it easy to develop applications using MS UI Automation technology.



UIDeskAutomation is a software that can be used for creating automated tasks for Windows applications based on their user interface. This tool is free to use and free to redistribute.
Requirements: Windows Vista or later, .NET Framework 4.0 or later, PowerShell 3.0 or later.

Here you can download a C# sample project that can be used to automate Wordpad application.
This software is free to use in any way, commercial or non-commercial.

This tool is mainly a tool for automating Windows desktop applications using PowerShell scripts. It consists of a library written in .NET and it can be used from PowerShell or by any other programming language that supports .NET libraries (like C#). Besides the library it has a spy tool, called UIDeskAutomationSpy which can be helpful for writting scripts. In the installation folder (%Program Files%/dDeltaSolutions/UIDeskAutomation/Samples) you can find two sample projects. For more information about UIDeskStudio and how can be used see Documentation page.


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